EP. 120 - Embrace automation - Scott Wyden Kivowitz Imagen AI image
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EP. 120 - Embrace automation - Scott Wyden Kivowitz Imagen AI
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5 months ago

Happy Woo Wednesdays!

Scott Wyden Kivowitz is the Community Manager at Imagen. He’s a father, photographer and educator. Scott believes in sharing his knowledge and educating in a straight and point easy-to-understand style. His "Woo Factor" is the ability to simplify complex topics and make it easy for anybody to understand. Imagen has changed my life and saved me hours and hour per week from editing!! See if it change yours too.

Today's Hot Topic:

Embrace automation

- outsource culling and editing to save time, remove emotion and increase profits

- use reliable and integrated backups so your original files are always safe and secure.

- Your camera has machine learning in it. Use it. Trust it. It’s only going to get better with firmware.

- Use a CRM that can automate parts of your funnel and still let you step in for as much of the process as you want.

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