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S1 E12 · Save Your Game
Episode 12 - Return to Monkey Island
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2 months ago

The album of the year is finally out, and let us be the first to tell you that T.S. did NOT disappoint with her newest release, 3D MARIO. Best Nintendo-themed, 3-D album yet.

We did not play Harold Halibut yet, but Matt did play an Adventure/RPG set in 1905 Poland and Roses played with her cat. We  talk about Return to Monkey Island so much that we get kind of emotional?

We also forgot to mention that we are part of the Adventure Game Hotspot Network, which you can find here: https://adventuregamehotspot.com/

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Games Mentioned:

  • Harold Halibut
  • Police Quest
  • The Thaumaturge
  • Disco Elysium
  • Quest For Glory
  • Return to Monkey Island
  • The Secret of Monkey Island
  • Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
  • The Curse of Monkey Island
  • Escape from Monkey Island
  • Tales from Monkey Island