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S1 E15 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Deep Relationship With Plants Needed for Original Thought
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11 months ago

Welcome to episode 15 of ReConnect with Plant Wisdom! In this podcast, I share ancient and modern knowledge from biology to spirituality about the wondrous ways that plants can help you lead a Naturally Conscious life.

As part of the initiate path at Damanhur, I have spent the last few years exploring how the essence I find in nature is in reality the essence of me. This mirroring between the nature within and the nature without made me realize that in order to eliminate the low-level fear that unconsciously drives all decision-making, I had to learn how to survive in any environment. Ultimately, my survival training is teaching me more than I ever thought possible.

In this episode, discover how plant allies and guides helped me understand that human beings need a deep relationship with plants in order to understand logic beyond the conditioning. Only by liberating yourself from fear, can you expand into the full consciousness needed to step into original thought.

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