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How to Kill a Journalist
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In the Season 1 finale, we discuss the threats posed to journalists around the world with Dr Mark Grant. Dr Grant is the head of high risk, safety and security at Sky News, and has operated in high-risk environments around the world for nearly 2 decades and has supported and directly managed security for the BBC and CNN. Mark holds a doctorate in security risk management, with a focus on journalism security. His thesis, "Reporting Safety; An assessment of risk management practices employed by news organisations operating in areas of conflict 2009 - 2019, is the first study of its kind, allowing news organisations to learn from the most pivotal decade for journalism, in modern times. Mark is also the co-founder and Non-Executive Director of MiRiskMedia, an app-based solution to ensure news and other organisations have direct access to vetted, qualified and experienced safety and security consultants, with the aim to create consistency of advisors across the industry.