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How to Wage Economic Warfare
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5 months ago

In this episode, we speak to Max Hess and Nicholas Michelon about economic warfare.

Maximilian Hess is a political risk analyst and consultant, as well as a fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. Max is the founder of Enmetena Advisory. Max speaks German, Russian, Georgian and Spanish, and has written for the Financial Times, the New Statesman and Foreign Policy, alongside a regular column for Al Jazeera. Max’s book, Economic War, is available from Hurst & Co.

Nicolas Michelon is a 20-year veteran of emerging market entry strategies, financial markets & geo-economics research. A Partner at Confluence Consultants and the editor of, he has previously served as an Indo-Pacific economist at the French Ministry of Finance, financial analyst at KPMG Hong Kong, and a portfolio manager at Schroders Singapore. Nicolas is a lecturer in business Intelligence, geopolitics and geo-economics at ESCP Business School & EM Lyon Business School in France, the International University of Monaco, and the Paris School of Economic Warfare.