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"We try to do for books, what Spotify is doing for music and Netflix is doing for movies: A personalized recommendation." Ben Kohz, COO and Co-Founder READ-O

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"There are over 70.000 newly released books in Germany alone each year. How can you find the next book to read?" Ben Kohz, COO and Co-Founder READ-O 

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"There were years in my life – around the Harry Potter time – I read a lot of books. I stopped because I could not find more books to read." Ben Kohz, COO and Co-Founder READ-O 

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"We assume there are more than one million reviews for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Book 1) alone." Ben Kohz, COO and Co-Founder READ-O

Partnership with CONTENTshift

This interview is in association with CONTENTshift, the accelerator program of the Association of the German Book Publishers & Booksellers. You can learn more here https://www.contentshift.de/. The winners are announced during the Frankfurt Book Fair each year https://www.buchmesse.de/en. The accelerator program aims to push the boundaries of publishing.

The next application phase is just around the corner. Have a look: https://www.contentshift.de/en/contentshift/news/two-startups-share-first-prize-at-contentshift-2021-congratulations-to-bottalk-and-read-o

"We tried to find out, why do you read? … You want to feel emotions. … So, we want to find out which emotions are stimulated by which books. That is why we came up with an emotional profile." Ben Kohz, COO and Co-Founder READ-O

The FounderWe interview Ben Kohz COO (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-kohz-547024137/) and Co-Founder of READ-O (https://read-o.com/), one of the two winners of the 2021 CONTENTshift accelerator program. Ben studied political sciences but ended up in the food industry after graduation. He started to put up vending machines for farm produce in Munich.

"We are currently working in German, but our AI can analyze more languages." Ben Kohz, COO and Co-Founder READ-O

The StartupThe startup READ-O (https://read-o.com/) is an app, that allows you to discover new books, based on administration. The app does this by applying AI. The AI of READ-O deduces an emotional profile of a book from the reviews on the internet. With their technology, they can establish a profile with even 10 reviews.

"Each review for us has the same value, from a normal person or the New York Times." Ben Kohz, COO and Co-Founder READ-O

Venture Capital FundingREAD-O is currently raising close to 1 mn US$ in new funding. Half is already committed. They want to finish fundraising end of March.

"Our AI analyzes the reviews and the contained emotions." Ben Kohz, COO and Co-Founder READ-O