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Green Startup CleanHub Fights Ocean Plastic Together with Brands
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Executive Summary

Meet Joel Tasche, CEO, and Founder of CleanHub, a green startup on a mission to fight ocean plastic pollution. They enter partnerships with brands to remove plastic waste. They use the proceeds to collect plastic waste in areas, that don’t have waste management systems in place. So this plastic is not ending up in the ocean. Hear about the company’s approach to helping save the planet and what positions they are looking to fill.

“Currently we are pumping anywhere from 11 to 14 million metric tons into the oceans”Joel Tasche, Founder and CEO of Cleanhub

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The Founder

Joel Tasche is the CEO and founder of Cleanhub, a startup that is working to reduce ocean plastic pollution. Tasche has always enjoyed nature, growing up on Lake Constanz and close to the Alps. He is also an avid surfer, which is why he decided to spend a semester in Hawaii during his bachelor’s degree. He pursued his master’s at HTW Dresden but enjoyed his internship so much that he stayed in business, instead of returning to finish his master’s.

While surfing and hiking in Indonesia, Tasche was horrified by the amount of plastic pollution he saw in the ocean. He realized that he needed to do something to preserve beautiful nature and restrain plastic waste. This led him to a one-year research phase, after leaving his corporate job. Eventually, he founded Cleanhub with the goal of reducing ocean plastic pollution. Cleanhub is working on innovative ways to reduce ocean plastic pollution, and Tasche is hopeful that they will be able to make a significant impact.

The Startup

Ocean pollution has become a major problem in recent years, as the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean continues to increase. According to some estimates, there may be more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic debris floating in the ocean, and this debris is having a devastating impact on marine life. Cleanhub is a green startup that is working to tackle this problem, in partnership with brands. The company was founded by Joel Tasche, who was inspired to take action after seeing the impact of ocean pollution firsthand. While Tasche initially focused his efforts on improving the German waste management system, he quickly realized that this would not make the impact he desired. After receiving a message from a friend in India, Tasche shifted his focus to regions where waste management systems are lacking. Through its partnerships with brands, Cleanhub collects and recycles plastic waste, helping to reduce ocean pollution and protect marine lif