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MedTech Startup Selfapy Offers Psychological Help Without Wait #GSA22
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Executive Summary

Nora is the CEO and co-founder of Berlin-based Medtech Selfapy, a major provider of prescribable digital therapy solutions in Germany. She is the winner of this year's German Startup Award for Female Founder of the Year 2022 and a Forbes 30 under 30. She is a psychologist by training with degrees from York and Cambridge but decided to join startups early on, to later found Selfapy. Self-pay fills the void for patients while they are waiting for psychological treatments, which may take three to six months. After a long journey they now even have a reimbursement certification for German health insurers.

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German Startup Awards 2022

This interview is in media partnership with the German startup association (Bundesverband Deutscher Startups Their German Startup Awards #GSA22 honor each year outstanding female and male founders and investors in special categories. You can learn more about the winners in our interview and on this website:

You can also have a look at our history, we also interviewed many winners of the German Startup Awards 2021 already.

The Founder

Our guest Nora is not only the winner of this year's German Startup Awards for Female Entrepreneur of the Year, but she is also a Forbes 30 under 30. She graduated from the University of York and the University of Cambridge with degrees in Psychology, before joining Rocket Internet. She later became City Head for Foodora in Hamburg and decided one faithful new years day that with this stress level, she could also venture out on her own, with larger rewards. Growing up in a family of psychologists, she decided early on to help people with mental disorders. She co-founded Selfapy in Berlin in 2016.

The Startup

Berlin-based Selfapy ( addresses the issue of wait time for psychological treatments. Due to recent changes in German legislation, they are also available on prescription. The name Selfapy is a combination of self and therapy. The app bridges the wait time before a patient can see a psychologist, which can take up to 6 months. The app not only bridges this time but can also already help patients and lay the groundwork for therapy.

Selfapy runs clinical trials, where they could show that they reduce depression symptoms by up to 40% in 3 months.

Venture Capital Funding

Selfapy has raised 30 M US$ in funding in total. Note that Crunchbase is quite a bit outdated here. They are open to talking to new investors.

Selfapy is Hiring

You can have a look at our blog post to learn more.

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