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Fintech Review 2022 - Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
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Management Summary

Welcome to a tradition, airing on December 25th. A review of the most important events in Fintech from the perspective of our guests for the 8th year in a row right now. The most important development in the fintech world was for most guests the FTX collapse. During the recordings agreed that fintech investments have seen a peak — there will be a valley behind it, but there will be new investment records achieved after the expected recession. As next hot topics emerged embedded finance and crypto. Not all crypto will be hot again, only with a sustainable business model, there is a future according to our guests. Actually, some guests welcomed a shakeout of the market — albeit it should not have been that violent and long.

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Introduction to our Fintech Review

For years makes an annual fintech review, where practitioners, investors, and fintech folks get to wrap up their year. The focus is on GSA, but it seems to be more and more the case that markets get more interconnected and trends follow each other in much shorter time spans. It is also a tradition that we publish it on December 25th. 

Keep in mind that since the first fintech review the field has changed and broadened a lot! Really a lot. Where it used to be only payment apps, now there are fintechs in insurance, crypto, proptech, banking, SME banking, capital markets, and much much more. So we thought we would invite guests from a diverse range of backgrounds to give you their perspective on the time of corona, the year 2022, and the outlook for next year.

Our guest this year:

  • Meeri Savolainen, CEO and Co-Founder of Insurtech INZMO
  • Luca Frignani, CEO and Co-Founder of Credit Platform Exaloan
  • Henrik Gebbing, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Crypto Custody Bank Finoa
  • Frank Schwab, Co-Founder of the Fintech Forum and multiple supervisory board member

Our questions to the guests:

  • What was the most important development in the fintech world in 2022?
  • Do you think fintech has peaked in terms of investments — as some data suggests?
  • What is the next hot topic in fintech? Is crypto making a comeback or are we all focusing on API tools for embedding finance functions?
  • If you have one: What was the most interesting fintech development for you during corona?
  • If you have one: What was the most important piece of news in 2022?

Thank you very much for your valuable time and insights. We wish you much success in 2023 and happy holidays!

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