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UNIAPP Helps Students to Find the Best International University for Them
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1 year ago

Executive Summary

UniApp is an ed-tech startup from Germany, that helps international students to prepare for their study abroad and helps in the application process, both on their platform. They help students to find the right place to study for undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as online-only programs. Their portfolio includes now universities and colleges in 27 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, and Canada. The tool also works as a CRM for universities and colleges to streamline their international applicants.

“We bootstrapped in less than 2 months to more than 20.000 users”Fahed Jaarah, Founder and CEO UniApp

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“We created a search engine for education that is not manipulated by ads.”Fahed Jaarah, Founder and CEO UniApp

The Founder

Our guest today, founder and CEO of UniApp Fahed, brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship to the table. Having studied at universities across Europe (Cologne, Paris, Buckinghamshire outside of London), he has worked on various projects with notable organizations such as private rating agencies and investment advisers a small investment boutique. After 3 years working within this sector, he decided to take his newfound knowledge and apply it to the world of ed-tech by founding UniApp — creating a modern platform to support students during the process of looking for study abroad by matching students with mentors at universities around the world. With his expertise in launching successful businesses aiding college and university students, Fahed is quickly becoming a prominent figure in the international education community.

The Startup

UniApp (https://uni-app.com/), started out as Udrus.com and was initially designed to enable Arabic-speaking students to study abroad. However, the team soon expanded its vision to provide study-abroad opportunities for international students from all over the world, under the new name of UniApp. Using a unique application process that takes into account 600+ data points for each individual student, UniApp has become a leader in ed-tech by making the complex college application process easier and smoother for its users. With a platform that eliminates language barriers, UniApp is paving the way for study abroad programs around the globe. By focusing on the needs of the study seeker and their future potential, UniApp is playing a huge role in making study abroad accessible to everyone — whether it's internationally or from within their own region. UniApp also can match you with institutions for an undergraduate degree, advanced degree, or even an online degree.

For institutions of higher learning, the application helps them to get matched with better-fitting students and don’t have to click through many ads on search engines. The tool works as a kind of CRM program and communication tool for the institutions.

Venture Capital Funding

UniApp raised 1 mn Euros in Seed Funding in Q2 2022. They are also currently in fundraising mode again.

UniApp is Hiring

You can learn more about them on their website here: https://uni-app.com/about-us/ and reach out via the website.

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