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Female Founders at the European Angel Investment Summit (2/2)
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Welcome to the second Episode, brought to you from the European Angel Investment Summit 2022. 

The European Business Angel Network (EBAN) is an organization that brings together business angels from all over Europe. The aim of the organization is to provide a forum for business angels to share best practices and learn from each other. EBAN also offers training for new business angels who want to get involved in startup investing. The organization held one of its two annual conferences in Brussels recently, bringing together business angel investors from all over the continent. This year's conference was particularly important, as it provided a much-needed opportunity for startup founders to connect with potential investors. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing economic uncertainty, many startups are struggling to secure funding. 

The conference offered a unique opportunity for startups to pitch their businesses to a large group of potential investors. The conference was a valuable opportunity for startup founders to meet with potential investors and get their businesses off the ground.

300 seed-stage startups applied to be at this event of which 25 have been chosen. The event took place in Brussels. 

We focused on startups from Germany and made short interviews with them on-site. If you want one or more of these startups back for a full interview, let us know in the comments or via email. The event was a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other startup founders, business angels, and VC investors from all across Europe. 

We also got insights into the early-stage startup scene across the continent and had the chance to listen to some great startup pitches. All in all, it was a very inspiring event that definitely left us wanting more. The next event will take place in Athens, Greece in April 2023. You can apply for the event via the EBAN website: https://www.eban.org/ 

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Hessen Trade and Invest is the enabler of some of the most important interviews that have been conducted for this website. Without their brand, Invest-in-Hessen.com, none of these would have been possible. These interviews would not have been possible without Hessen Trade and Invest's willingness to help facilitate my travel and connect me with startups in their network. 

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00:00:17 Welcome by Joe

00:01:06 Desire Dosch - Guide Care

00:06:34 Hannah Helmke - right. based on science

00:13:30 Katja Filippenko - Saatgutkonfetti

00:22:15 Nikolaus D. Bayer - German Business Angel of the Year 2020

00:26:18 Harald Holzer - HIGHEST - TU Darmstadt

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