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ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.36 I Don't Want To Participate in the Mainstream System
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5 months ago

Have you ever found yourself in the crossroads of not wanting to participate in the mainstream system and needing to run a business or buy things for daily life? When you get there, you probably believe that in order to be successful, you have to conform to the norm.

I instead want to talk to you about the importance of aligning personal and professional values with the natural world, challenging limiting beliefs, and embracing uncharted territory to unlock your full paradigm shifting abilities.

In a world that emphasizes conformity, what we really want is to live a life where our values and beliefs are supported through the purchases we make and the activities we participate in. And I am here to tell you: it can be done!

Topics Covered about stepping out of the mainstream

  • Identify the aspects of the mainstream system you want to support and what you want to clearly stay away from.
  • Step outside the box to create a life that is unique to you.
  • Look for the good work, and when you find it, support it!

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