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S5 E7 · Clued in Mystery Podcast
Magic and Mysteries (part 1)
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8 months ago

Mysteries set in magical worlds or with mystical elements are popular and in today's episode, Brook and Sarah discuss why.


The Prestige (1995) Christopher Priest

The Rivers of London (2011) Ben Aaronovitch

"The Eyes Have It" (1964) Randall Garrett

The Life of Crime (2022) Martin Edwards

The Magician's Secret (2015) Carolyn Keene

Now You See Me (2013) Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate Films

Clayton Rawson

Jonathan Creek (1997-2016) BBC

The Librarian of Crooked Lane (2022) C.J. Archer

Magic, Inc. (1940) Robert A. Heinlein

Murder in Devil's Cove (2020) Melissa Bourbon

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