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Attracting dream clients using google - Ingvild Kolnes
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2 years ago
Happy Woo Wednesdays! Today's conversation is so deep with Ingvild. Ingvild is a Photographer + mentor, Host of Sustainable Photography 🎙 She helps overwhelmed and underpaid photographers build a sustainable business.

Ingvild Kolnes is all about teaching talented, overworked photographers how to best run their business. A business where you make good money and attract clients you love working with. all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

He focus is on how to work with the right clients and how to set up your business so you can have the life you want, and not just on the money you can make. Too many photographers end up burnt out and quitting because their prices and business model isn't sustainable. She wants to fix that. Work is such a big part of life that thriving should be way up at the top.

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Attracting dream clients using google. - be very clear about who your dream client is - use your website to write about how you can help your dream client - make sure your website is set up to guide your website visitors in the best possible way


Use this workbook to help you get clients on autopilot by giving you tips on how to improve your website.    

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