The Importance of Contaminated Land Policies at the Local Level with Noel Schiller image
S1 E1 · Contamination Station: Safer Environment Together
The Importance of Contaminated Land Policies at the Local Level with Noel Schiller
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11 months ago

In this episode, we talk with Noel Schiller, Contaminated Lands Project Manager at Canberra Region Joint Organisation. 

Noel has been involved in over 30 years of work within the environmental sector which has involved 20 years in NSW Local Government working in Environmental Compliance, Governance and Regulatory Management, 9 years within the energy sector working in Environmental compliance with Oil and Gas, and 4 years working with NSW Government as an Environmental Regulatory Project Manager with Contaminated Lands. 

His family owns and manages a fifth generational broad acre farm in Young NSW for which he has been involved his entire life, and he is also an active member of the Australasian Land & Groundwater Association as well as Landcare.
Noel joins us today to share his experience in implementing contaminated land policies at the local level through the Council Regional Capacity Building (CRCB) Program, managed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
You’ll hear Noel share insights from his involvement in transferring the regulatory responsibilities of Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) from the state to local level.
He recounts the lessons learned in moving from a face-to-face to online delivery model and shares real-world examples of why having policies in place to manage contaminated land is so important.
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