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S1 E21 · Beyond The Green Line
A Change Maker: Creating A Paradigm Shift For Gender Equality In The Workplace
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Today on Beyond the Green Line, Shonelle Gleeson-Willey talks with Kurt Laboyrie, an area manager at the Soil Conservation Service. Kurt is also a past member of the International Erosion Control Association Board, and recently received a Change Makers achievement from the organization Future Women.

Kurt has always lived on the coast and spent time in nature, where he developed an understanding of how sediment and water moved. He earned his masters’ degree in Coastal Planning and Management, then began his career in erosion control in sand dunes. 

He worked on dune stabilization and natural area management, fire trail and asset protection, zone construction and maintenance, creek line remediation projects, contaminated land rehabilitation, and design and construction of drainage structures. He also held advisory roles as a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control.

Kurt now manages numerous civil and environmental construction works, serving local landholders, state, federal and corporate clients. Maintaining his focus on coastal environmental management, Kurt has kept a passion for environmental legacy, always striving to contribute to lasting change.

The Soil Conservation Service is a government contractor and also deals in the public space. Kurt shares his insights on how to build good teams for highly varied jobs, and how those diverse teams enable the company to fix problems for clients and take on challenges and risks that not everyone would be willing to.

Kurt and Shonelle also chat about Kurt’s desire to see gender parity and equal pay in the construction industry. Many top companies have a measure of equality at the highest levels, while the construction industry is behind in this and has been traditionally very male-dominated. Kurt shares what a single individual in the system can do to encourage more diversity and equity in their work culture.

Kurt recounts a contaminated land rehab project that his team recently completed, which comprised of both terrestrial and aquatic rehabilitation. Older boat paint containing lead and other harmful metals was effecting a populated area’s oysters, fish and potentially humans, and it was Kurt’s job to come up with a way to get all the harmful material out of the harbor and send it to a registered site. 

He talks about the importance of the staging equipment they used, how they implemented two sediment curtains into the process, why they used a dredge, and how they pumped contaminated water into dewatering bags, sealed to limit human exposure.

We’ll hear Kurt speak on the unique challenges of working in the coastal environment, and share how he’d love to see better alignment on Best Practice across states and legislations in order to see LGA’s working together for the most efficient solutions. 

Learn more about Soil Conservation Service: www.scs.nsw.gov.au/

YouTube https://www.bing.com/search?q=soil+conservation+service+youtube&qs=n&form=QBRE&msbsrank=6_6__0&sp=-1&pq=soil+conservation+service+cs+youtube&sc=636&sk=&cvid=9EE4426D9FCD43B48E8BF22659F0DE1F&ghsh=0&ghacc=0&ghpl=



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