Helping Communities Maintain a Voice During the Renewable Energy Boom with Warwick Giblin image
S1 E22 · Beyond The Green Line
Helping Communities Maintain a Voice During the Renewable Energy Boom with Warwick Giblin
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4 months ago

In this special episode of Beyond The Green Line, Shonelle Gleeson-Willey is delighted to announce that Moss Environmental has merged with OzEnvironmental Pty Ltd, a like-minded boutique rural consultancy.

OzEnvironmental, under the direction of Adjunct Professor Warwick Giblin, has operated since 2011 in the discipline of environmental and social impact management. It has built a formidable reputation acting for rural councils and landholders on energy and mining projects across Australia, including NSW, Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

With this merger, Moss Environmental propels itself into new dimensions of service excellence. Our environment and heritage service offerings are expanding, and our capabilities in the realm of environmental impact assessment, including community impact and stakeholder engagement, are taking a giant leap forward.


Becoming aware of a large project in the approvals process in their area can lead to much uncertainty and distress. A local council may become aware of a proposed development through the planning portal or from the developer themselves.

The vast majority of current renewable energy projects, for example, will be determined at a state level because they fall into the category of state significant development or Critical State Significant Infrastructure. That's why it's so important that council understands their role in the approval process and makes their voice heard through well researched submissions and negotiations during the development of the voluntary planning agreement.

Landowners can become aware of pending development plans through a variety of different avenues, including a letter that's been posted, a social media post, or a knock on the door.

Often, people will experience physical and mental wellness challenges because of resulting worry. They begin to wonder what will happen to their piece of paradise, whether they will receive compensation, and how they will retain a voice in the daunting power dynamic of dealing with developers.

Warwick encourages people in this situation to rally community, build a support network, and utilize professional advice from an environmental practitioner who is familiar with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and the assessment and determination process.

In this episode you’ll hear Shonelle and Warwick share stories about their mutual desire to see communication between developers and affected communities be more balanced. Too often, meetings seem to involve developers telling communities how the process will go, and Warwick believes a change in this dynamic will only happen when developers are truly convinced that it’s in their best interests to take the voices of the community into account, even in the early planning stages.

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