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All-In-OneZencastr is the ultimate all-in-one podcasting platform. We’ve bundled all your podcasting needs — record, edit, distribute and monetize all from the same place. It’s never been easier to podcast.
Studio Quality
Zencastr records video up to 4K to give you the picture-perfect quality that your video podcast deserves.Record in 16-bit 48k WAV audio track per guest, regardless of internet connection (local recording), with no time limits.
Reliability &
With ZenCloud’s redundant recording backups, you can record each track locally for maximum quality and durability with peace of mind. Share your master recordings with your team and download from anywhere in the world with ZenCloud Sync.
Soundboard UI
Live SoundboardOur cloud based Soundboard allows you to insert any audio clips live as you record. Enhance your podcast by adding custom intro, ads, or any audio enhancements on the fly. Control looping, fading, and volume all with hotkeyed playback.
Your Best
Zencastr’s postproduction process takes the headache out of audio production. Set the right podcast loudness and levels while reducing background noise with a click of a button.
With Zencastr's smart filters, you no longer need to worry about those “Um’s” and “Ah’s”, or long pauses in your recordings. Automatically remove unnecessary filler words + dead air that detract from the quality of your podcast.
AI Video
Zencastr’s AI video layouts automatically display the active participants so you dont have to adjust their video. With our face centering technology, you can now get the perfect layout every time.
Unlimited Audio
It doesn’t matter if you publish your podcast on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, there are no caps on your uploads or downloads.
Video Podcast
Zencastr now supports video RSS, which makes it easy to distribute your video podcast to Apple podcasts and any other video podcast players. Convert an existing audio podcast to a video podcast and create new engaging visual content using tools made for audio only creators.
Switching from another host? Our hassle free switchover with redirect confirmation makes switching to Zencastr a breeze so there is no interruption for your listeners.
Where Are They
Understand where your listeners are located and what platforms they use to listen. With download by location, go beyond the country level and also see what regions/states and cities your audience are listening from.
Who's Coming
We break down your audience retention so you can better understand your podcast trends. Week-over-week retention tells you how many listeners are coming back each week – the best kind of data to analyze what’s working well for your show and how to keep your listeners engaged.
When are they
Find the optimal time to post your show. Boost your numbers by analyzing downloads by time of day and releasing your episode when your audience is about to tune in.
How are they
Get an overview of your listeners with a breakdown of operating systems, distribution platforms and browsers.
Join Zencastr's Creator
Connect your show and access Zencastr’s Ad Marketplace, and let AI match your show with the right brands that resonate with your audience. You don’t need a massive audience to make money podcasting, so we’ve created a flexible way for you to earn.
Ambassador Program
Earn money by promoting Zencastr as your favorite all-in-one podcasting platform.
Ad Manager
Manage your ads with Zencastr’s suite of ad management tools. Set up brand attribution, automatically create coupons, send and receive add offers. Keep all the revenue you’ve earned with your own deals.
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