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S1 E3 · The Comedy Quiz
Whose Line Is It Anway's Colin Mochrie & Gary Anthony Williams
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1 year ago

Here’s some important info about this Bonus episode, featuring, Whose Line Is It Anyway’s, Colin Mochrie & Gary Anthony Williams. A glitch occurred during the recording of this episode, which is why it’s a bonus episode.  I wasn’t made award of the problem until after we finished recording. I’ve enhanced and cleaned up the episode as best as I could and it’s definitely good enough to broadcast, which is great because it’s hilarious. They only audio issues you may notice is that Gary and I sound tinny.

This episode was recorded in August of 2020, which is why Gary is recording the episode while isolating for the Netflix series The Crew, which is available to stream right now, just click here.  Also, the game show Jeopardy and its former host, the late great host, Alex Trebek are featured in a topic on the show. As this was recorded before Mr. Trebek’s passing, he’s referred to as still being alive.

Colin is no longer doing virtual shows, so below are links to both his and Gary’s websites so you can get info about what they’re doing, and hopefully catch them at a live show as they’re both actively touring again.

This episode has no sound effects or announcing by Shulie Cowen, and the show was recorded under a different name.

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