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S1 E7 · The Comedy Quiz
Darryl Hinds & Anthony Q. Farrell
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1 year ago

This week, David is joined by two contestants involved with the CBC Gem, Hulu & Nickelodeon family comedy, Overlord and The Underwoods, Darryl Hinds & Anthony Q. Farrell.

An award winning actor, writer and improviser, Darryl stars as dad, Jim Underwood. An alumni of The Second City Mainstage, he’s known in Canada for his recurring roles on Odd Squad, Little Mosque on the Prairie, and the Royal Canadian Air Farce’s New Years specials.

Anthony is Overlord's co-creator and showrunner. His writing and producing credits include, the US version of The Office, The Parker Andersons/Amelia Parker and the Bafta winning, The Secret Life of Boys.

This episodes topics are, Canada & The United States, Airports & Tableware.

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