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S1 E13 · The Comedy Quiz
Ajahnis Charley & Brandon Hackett
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1 year ago

This week, David is joined by two guests who are involved with the upcoming CTV sitcom, Shelved and who are both members of The Untitled Black Sketch Project, Ajahnis Charley and Brandon Hackett.

Ajahnis is an award winning improviser, actor, writer and director. An alumni of The Second City, film & TV credits include, Station Eleven, Tokens, Topline and, Shelved. They’ve appeared at Just for Laughs, plus the Toronto, Montreal and New York Sketch Comedy Festivals. And the National Film Board of Canada produced their directorial debut short, I Am Gay.

Brandon is is an award winning improviser, actor and writer. An alumnus of The Second City Mainstage, his acting credits include, Baroness Von Sketch Show, This Art Works!, The Next Step and TallBoyz. His writing credits include, Run the Burbs, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Parker Andersons/Amelia Parker, Tallyboyz and Shelved.

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