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S1 E5 · The Comedy Quiz
Aurora Browne & Kris Siddiqi
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1 year ago

It's Couples Week, as host David Shore, welcomes Aurora Browne & Kris Siddiqi.

Kris is an award winning actor, writer/producer, comedian and improviser. An alumni of the Second City Mainstage, he’s one of the creators and stars of CBC Gem's hilarious, Bit Playas. Other film and TV credits include, Molly’s Game, Baroness Von Sketch Show and Titians.

Aurora is an award winning actress, writer/producer and improviser. An alumna of the Second City Mainstage, she’s also one of the creators and stars of CBC’s hit, Baroness Von Sketch Show. Other film and TV credits include, Run The Burbs, The Ron James Show & Lars and The Real Girl.

Topics on this episode are, Henry Ford, Lakes & Lady Gaga.

Snow White, directed by Aurora Browne, runs from, Nov. 7, 2022 - January 7, 2023. For more info or tickets, click here.

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory of Bob Browne.