Trans Engineers You Should Know, with Dr. Ada-Rhodes Short image
S6 E8 · The K12 Engineering Education Podcast
Trans Engineers You Should Know, with Dr. Ada-Rhodes Short
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2 years ago
Mechanical engineer Dr. Ada-Rhodes Short studies robot brains, having previously worked in industry and academia for commercial toy companies, NASA, Texas A&M, and more. She also advocates for diversity and inclusion in education and STEM for trans people, including her time founding the Sexual Identity Forum at Baylor University. Dr. Short talks about one of her latest projects finding trans women engineers who have made pivotal contributions to the world. Related to this episode: • Dr. Ada-Rhodes Short on Twitter: • Sphero Robotics: • SPRK+ robot: • BB8: • Baylor Student Activists Appeal to NCAA: • Gamma Alpha Upsilon at Baylor University: • Susan Calvin from Isaac Asimov’s Robot stories: • Totally Trans podcast: • Lynn Conway: • VLSI, very large-scale integration: • Sophie Wilson: • ARM computer processor architecture: • Danielle Bunton Berry: • M.U.L.E. video game: • Dr. Bryony Dupont: • Angelica Ross: • TransTech Social Enterprises: • Ashawna Hailey: Subscribe and find more podcast information at: Support Pios Labs with regular donations on Patreon: You’ll also be supporting projects like the Engineer’s Guide to Improv and Art Games, The Calculator Gator, or Chordinates! Thanks to our donors and listeners for making the show possible. The K12 Engineering Education Podcast is a production of Pios Labs: