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The Power of Mentorship with Sonnie Linebarger
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2 months ago

(This interview was when I was a guest on my good friend Lyndsay Dowd's podcast, Heartbeat For Hire.) Come along with me on a personal trip from talking through my early days as a nursing assistant to stepping into entrepreneurship and becoming a CEO. In this episode I share one of the hardest, most ego bruising lessons I've experienced in leadership and how it transformed me and how I led others. We'll dive into how important it is to have good mentors who can spot and boost what we're good at.

This episode isn't just about what I've been through. It’s about dealing with tough times at work and the lessons they teach us. I’ll talk about picking myself up after my company went through some rough changes, the importance of really understanding your business numbers, and how to handle hard decisions with kindness. We'll also get into what hospice care is really about, showing its warm and supportive side during life’s hardest chapters, like facing Alzheimer's.

We’ll finish by discussing the journey of moving up the ladder in our careers, especially the extra challenges faced by women in leadership. My drive to mentor and teach is all about wanting to help others find their way to the top as we share inspiring stories of overcoming and success, pushing all of us to make our own mark, one step at a time.

A rising tide raises all ships, and I invite you along on this journey to Evoke Greatness!

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