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Leadership Horsepower: Lessons on Trust and Team Dynamics with Summer Davies
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1 month ago

Have you ever wondered how a love for horses could translate into powerful leadership lessons? That's exactly what my guest, Summer Davies, has accomplished, transforming her equine passion into a rich understanding of leadership dynamics. We're taking a deep look into how embracing unexpected opportunities and fostering trust within teams can catalyze both personal and professional evolution - a theme that Summer knows intimately.

Navigating the shift from individual contributor to a role at the helm can be riddled with hidden icebergs, even for the most experienced professionals. Our conversation peels back the layers on why teams exist in the first place and the unique value they bring when functioning cohesively. Summer and I share candid insights into the realities of new leadership - the loneliness, the steep learning curve, and the importance of authenticity and support systems. We unravel the threads of common leadership pitfalls and how to sidestep them, with a focus on continuous learning and development.

Join us as we reveal the subtleties of leadership akin to the finesse required in equestrian training. Summer's personal story with her horse, Aspen, and his adventures with new shoes, underscores the patience and presence necessary to cultivate trust - a virtue equally crucial in guiding teams. This episode is a tapestry of anecdotes, metaphors, and practical advice, all aimed at helping you unlock the full potential of your team with a steadfast commitment to growth, introspection, and the foundational skills that underpin extraordinary leadership.



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