BONUS! “‘One Love’: Amateur Nation’s Violent America” image
S6 E266 · AMATEUR NATION with Lou Santini
BONUS! “‘One Love’: Amateur Nation’s Violent America”
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1 month ago


  1. Then: “Goin’ Postal”. Now: “Goin’ Trans”!
  2. “This Week in Your Commie Government”, including a corrupt mayor holding her small town hostage.
  3. “One Love”: one empty, virtue signaling cliche.      

*On “A la Carte”:* George and Taylor Soros, don’t pay back your loans, or you might have to pay a hefty fine, and God Bless America’s truckers.

*On “3 Pro Things”:* Marxism in your kid’s school, the hypocrisy of BLM, and when a bomb threat ain’t a bomb threat.


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