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Rewiring High Performance: From Surgeon to Personal Coach for Your Brain with Bryan Sagray
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3 months ago

When you step into the operating room, every decision carries weight, but what happens when that weight becomes too much? 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Bryan Sagray,  former surgeon who traded his scalpel for the chance to rewire minds as a personal coach for your brain.  Together, we explore the intricate dance of high performance—how the precision and focus honed in surgery can be redirected to cultivate mindfulness, wellness, and a life lived with intention.

Burnout doesn't knock; it barges in, unannounced and unwelcome, often leaving devastation in its wake. Bryan and I share personal tales of confronting this silent adversary, and the metamorphosis it spurred within us. We discuss the restructuring of identity post-burnout, the restorative power of mentorship, and how personal loss reframes our perception of time and priorities. We unravel the support systems that act as our lifelines, guiding us back to authenticity when the path seems lost.

To cap off our profound journey, we examine the symbiotic relationship between what we absorb daily and what we project into the world. The brain's astonishing adaptability and the potential for positive change underscore our narrative, advocating for intentional habit shifts that lead to a more optimistic and healthy existence. Disentangling from the digital tangle to reconnect with nature emerges as a salient theme, while we also discuss the art of crafting an authentic personal brand—showcasing how vulnerability and truth on platforms like LinkedIn can foster deep connections and open doors to new opportunities.

Join us for a conversation that promises to challenge, inspire, and perhaps rewire the way you approach your own high-performance journey.

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