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E17 · The Pair Program
How We Hatched: Luca Antiga, CTO of Lightning AI
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1 year ago

Welcome to another episode of "How We Hatched" where we have candid conversations with tech founders and unveil their unique startup journeys.

In this episode, our host Tim Winkler speaks with Luca Antiga (CTO of Lightning AI and co-founder at both Orobix and Tensorwerk). Prior to his current role, Luca was an early contributor to PyTorch and co-author of Deep Learning with PyTorch at Manning.

During this episode Luca shares about his professional journey, from his initiation into the world of AI to becoming a startup founder and CTO.He shares about:

  • How he established his career in AI and open source.
  • The challenges he faced while learning how to apply Deep Learning in the real world.
  • The team’s structure at Lightning AI and future growth plans.

And much more!