The Pair Program

Welcome to the Pair Program from hatchpad, the podcast that gives you a front row seat to candid conversations with tech leaders from the startup world. Join host Tim Winkler (creator of hatchpad) alongside co-host Mike Gruen as they bring together two guests to dissect topics at the intersection of technology, startups, and career growth.  🐣 What is hatchpad? 🐣 Hatchpad is the community for startup technologists. Our members include Software Engineers, Product Managers, Data Scientists, and Tech Executives; all connected through their passion for startups and desire to create innovative technology. Every week we chat with startup technologists to provide you behind the scenes insights on technical skills, career advice, and industry trends. If you want to learn from and grow alongside a curated group of startup technical professionals, this community is for you.   🚀 Sign-Up for Weekly hatchpad Newsletter:  🤖 Check Out the hatchpad:  Follow us on Social Media LinkedIn - Twitter - YouTube -