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S1 E6 · Barrel Room Chronicles (formerly Spirits of Whisk[e]y)
BRC Ep 6 - What Number is Your Favorite Whiskey?
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10 months ago

In this episode of Barrel Room Chronicles you’ll get a glimpse of 291 Colorado Distillery when I speak to Michael Myers in Tales from the Still. 291 Colorado Whiskey is a uniquely American story – honoring the Western whiskey of a bygone era, 291 is the passion project of a former New York City fashion photographer and was first created in a small basement from a one-of-a-kind still constructed from old copper photographic plates. 291 is made the Colorado Way®, grain to barrel to bottle, and the distillery’s whiskeys are finished with toasted staves of Colorado aspen trees. 291 has been earning awards and recognition since its first runs off the still in 2011.  Also in this episode I speak with Chef Louise Leonard..... about fly fishing?

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