S2 E16 - Exploring Irish Whiskey Heritage with Roe & Co. image
S2 E16 · Barrel Room Chronicles
S2 E16 - Exploring Irish Whiskey Heritage with Roe & Co.
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7 months ago

Do you want to uncover the hidden history behind Patrick's tower and pear tree in Irish whiskey production? Wondering how these landmarks have shaped the heritage of this beloved spirit? Our guests Lora Hemy, Colin Martin, and Josh Cameron, are here to share the solution. By delving into the historical significance of Patrick's tower and pear tree, and the historic tale of their distilleries name sake; these three will provide an enlightening exploration of the rich traditions and cultural importance that have contributed to the exceptional quality of Roe & Co. Irish whiskey. Get ready to embark on a journey that unravels the mysteries and celebrates the legacy of these iconic symbols in the world of whiskey.

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