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S3 E2 · Barrel Room Chronicles
Distilled in Washington with Becky Garrison (BRC S3 E3)
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2 months ago

In today's episode we're exploring the rich history of distilling in Washington state with author Becky Garrison.

We'll explore Becky's unexpected whiskey journey, which began despite her family's history with alcohol and her initial skepticism about the trendy "cigar and scotch" movement of the 1990s. Becky shares how her move to the Pacific Northwest rekindled her love for whiskey, this time with a unique local twist.

We delve into the fascinating origins of distilling along the Oregon Trail and the makeshift nature of early saloons, which were often nothing more than tents. Becky enlightens us on the tumultuous times of Prohibition in Washington state, where despite the law, the spirit flowed as freely as the officials allowed.

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