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S3 E2 · Barrel Room Chronicles
Tuning Spoons and Eggnog (BRC S3 E2)
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1 month ago

In this episode, host Kerry Moynahan sits down with Brian Summers of Tuning Spoon to discuss his journey in the hospitality industry and the art of crafting brand experiences. Later on, Chef Louise Leonard joins the show to taste Brian's homemade eggnog.

In this engaging and informative episode, Brian shares his insights on building a brand, working with spirits, and creating unique brand experiences. From his background in craft cocktail bars to consulting for renowned spirit brands, Brian's expertise shines through as he discusses his passion for the industry.

Tune in to learn more about Tuning Spoon, Brian's consulting company, and get a taste of his delicious homemade eggnog. Don't miss out on the engaging conversation and delightful insights shared in this episode of BRC. Subscribe to the podcast for more exciting content and join us on this journey through the world of spirits and hospitality.

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