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S2 E118 · Momtourage
WE got our eyes on YOU KIDDO!
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4 months ago

This week we are spying on our kids. With technology, we can now surveillance almost everything, but SHOULD WE be doing it to our kids? Then, we are talking HOMEWORK! Kids hate it, and most parents hate it too, but maybe some parents don’t! One of us likes it and the other doesn’t... can you guess who? As always have your #TITSANDSHITS your #SWAGBAG so stay tuned! Don’t forget to LEAVE US A REVIEW!

For more info: 

Digital Surveillance PBS


Spying on Kids


The Atlantic

NYTimes Homework Article

This week's #SwagBag picks:

Ashley: Ulike Laser Hair removal IPL

Keri: KUR Nail Illuminator

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