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S3 E6 · Momtourage
Divide by 25!
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This week we’re talking BABY FORMULA and BIG BUSINESS! It goes ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. Then we are taking a trip down the TIKTOK K-HOLE. This episode we are all over the place in a good way. The Momtourage crew missed each other and are making up for some lost time but in YOUR EARHOLES. As always we have your #TITSANDSHITS and #SWAGBAG.Don’t forget to LEAVE US A REVIEW! 

For more info on:

Baby formula

More Formula

Pissed off Sloths

Pandemic and Child Abuse

Orrangutan Breastfeeding

Game of Motherhood



Degas is Jack the Ripper

Hipster Rednecks Dancing


Ashley: The Seven Wives of Evelyn Hugo

Keri: NYX Brow Gel

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