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This week we are talking MICRODOSING and FIRST CRUSHES… but not at the same time. First up, we are learning all about first crushes. How do you handle it? Is it real? How young are we talking? Real young actually, and it is REAL. Learn how Ashley and Keri have been doing it all wrong and probably messing up their children in the process. Then microdosing. Mom’s are doing it together, separately, as psylocibin or ketamine. What is happening, and is it a good thing? Doctors weigh in, as well as these two jerks! As always have your #TITSANDSHITS your #SWAGBAG so stay tuned! Don’t forget to LEAVE US A REVIEW!

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First Crush

Micro Dosing

Mom’s Micro Dosing

This week's #SwagBag picks:

Ashley: Beauty Pie Genius Undereye Corrector

Keri: Mood Flip Book

Wet and Wild Eyeshadow

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