What 1600 young people told us about their body image image
S3 E14 · Butterfly: Let's Talk
What 1600 young people told us about their body image
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1 year ago

The results from the new Butterfly Body Kind Youth Survey are in, and they’re concerning. More than 1600 young people aged 12-18 took part in the survey, with at least half saying they were dissatisfied with their bodies. About one in three kids say they’re completely dissatisfied with the way that they look.

"The problem is there’s a real cost to young people's body dissatisfaction," says Helen Bird, Butterfly's Education Manager. "A significant number limit their involvement in everyday activities like sports, going to the beach, hanging out with their friends, or going clothes shopping. It’s also impacting their learning. Something like 50% of young people say that their body image has stopped them from putting their hands up in class, focusing on their schoolwork and, for some, even going to school."

In the latest episode of Let’s Talk, our host Sam Ikin talks to Helen, mental health counsellor Stella Ladikos and social worker AJ Williams-Tchen who all work closely with young people and listen to their concerns. He also chats with two high school students who aren’t surprised by the survey results but who make it quite clear that adults and institutions need to be doing a lot more to support them.

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