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S4 E143 · Tournament Style
Smith & Smythe Blindfold Guitar Shoot Out
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8 months ago

Dino joins us for  our last episode in Blindfold February. He and Austin blindfold up and listen to me serenade them with 8 different guitars for a very long and complex Tournament. We also chat about the Mandalorian and get into more AI shenanigans. 

1. PRS SE Custom 22 Semi Hollow
2. Fender Vinterra Mischief Maker Stratocaster 
3. Fender American Ultra Telecaster (Texas Tea)
4. Fender American Professional Jaguar
5. PRS John Mayer signature Silver Sky
6. Xotic XSC-2 HSS (stratocaster)
7. Fender Road-worn 50's Telecaster
8. Epiphone Casino