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Mastering the Art of Productivity & Balance with Dr. Esther Zeledon Part 2
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2 months ago

Are you ready to unleash your productivity, balance your life, and find success in ways you never thought possible? Sit down and lean in as we venture on a journey of discovery and innovation with Dr. Esther Zeledon. Uncover her 50-50 rule - a unique approach to splitting your time between advancing your organization's mission and aligning with your purpose. It's a revelation that's bound to transform your professional life.

We dive into the world of mentorship and the intrinsic value it holds in achieving balance and success. Dr. Zeledon stresses the importance of engaging with those who appreciate our talents - a move that takes us away from feelings of invisibility and stagnation. We also explore the power of acknowledging our worth and creating a network of individuals that support us. This conversation is your key to reminding yourself of your gifts and leveraging them for a successful career.

In the final part of our conversation with Dr. Zeledon, we discuss the topic of resilience and the roles our routines and habits play in shaping our lives. With personal anecdotes and professional examples, Esther underlines the value of finding the right fit for a mentorship relationship, overcoming criticism, and staying rooted to our goals. We uncover the habits that revolutionized her approach to achieving success, and delve into how testimonials and an unconventional lifestyle can shape your journey. Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and ready to take on the world.

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