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S1 E18 · Beyond The Green Line
How This Female Entrepreneur Turned Used Tyres Into Decor Treasures
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1 year ago

Today’s episode of Beyond the Green Line is hosted by one of our key consultants, Elizabeth Ogunsote. Elizabeth hosts a fascinating conversation about upcycling with entrepreneur Olabanke Subair, the accomplished owner and creative director of sustainable home decor company Cyrus45.

 Cyrus45 upcycles non-biodegradable waste such as used tires in Lagos, Nigeria, turning them into artistic modern furniture. They won the 2018 ACE award for the Best Eco-friendly Product.

Today we hear what inspired Olabanke to build her company, what went in to starting her factory, and how she stays creatively inspired, 5 years in. 

 She explains how she resources used tires in Nigeria now that the business has grown, and shares a philosophical and inspiring commentary on what constitutes true creativity, and we can all tap into it as we reduce each of our own carbon footprints. We learn how problem-solving, innovation, and creativity interplay in Olabanke’s leadership style, and what’s coming next for one of her other businesses, Doodle Arts.

Elizabeth asks Olabanke about tire fires, and we hear how we can prevent raging land-fill fires and slow down the disposing of tires in those locations. Olabanke also shares about production, language and environmental challenges that the factory has faced, and how even that has prompted her to think about new designs.

Having created a handful of artistic start-ups as an “ecopreneur” and creative disruptor, Olabanke shares why Cyrus45 is her most meaningful accomplishment to date, and why she feels proud of where it’s heading in the future. She shares words of wisdom to future entrepreneurs about how to balance their creativity with patience and perseverance in order to survive the tedious ride.

Cyrus45 factory’s gloss-painted tires form the foundations for beautiful rocking chairs, classy glass end tables, and circular wall mirrors, so we encourage you to click on the links below and follow their amazing journey as a sustainable furniture store. 

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