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Uganda LGBTQIA+ Community Fighting For Their Lives
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The InterPride podcast series, InterPod, The Global Voices of Pride Podcast, where the world comes together for the LGBTQIA+ community, is proud to launch our 34th episode, Uganda LGBTQIA+ Community Fighting For Their Lives.

The LGBTQIA+ community has come a long way in the fight for acceptance. However, our voices matter and will be heard. Many LGBTQIA+ community members have fought for decades for the right to be seen and heard.

About Episode 34

Guest Speaker: Steven Muleme (he/him)

Uganda has approved some of the world’s harshest anti-gay laws, making homosexual acts punishable by death and imposing up to 20 years in prison for people identifying as LGBTQIA+. 

Our guest speaker, Steven Muleme (he/him), is a gay Ugandan LGBTQIA+ advocate, founder, and director of an organization called Visual Echoes for Human Rights Advocacy (VEHRA), founded in 2017. The organization brings together some of Uganda's most marginalized LGBTQIA+ community members to connect through sport, art, and economic empowerment. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Industrial art and design from Nkumba University. 

Steven is also the Illustrator for UHAI EASHRI. He holds certificates in HIV/AIDS prevention and training for the LGBTQIA+ community and a project planning and management certificate from Arrow Empirical Research & Skills Enhancement Co.Ltd Makerere University.

Listen in as we hear from Steven on the situation in Uganda. 

Humanitarian Aid Fund in Support of Uganda LGBTQIA+ Community Members

Our #ChosenFamily needs us; they are being hunted down, arrested, and could be sentenced to death if we don't help them. InterPride has launched a dedicated fundraising campaign to help support our community members in Uganda to seek shelter during this dangerous time.

CLICK HERE to contribute and support our fellow LGBTQIA+ community members today.

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