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Drag Performers Under Attack
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Introducing InterPod: The Global Voices of Pride Podcast | Episode 42 — Drag Performers Under Attack.

Discover the power of community support with InterPod, the InterPride podcast series that unites the LGBTQIA+ community worldwide.

The LGBTQIA+ community has made remarkable strides in the ongoing battle for acceptance and visibility. At InterPod, we believe in amplifying these voices and ensuring they resonate far and wide. Join us as we shed light on the tireless efforts of LGBTQIA+ individuals who have dedicated decades to fighting for their right to be seen and heard.

About Episode 42

About Todd Hotty (he/they)

Todd Hotty (he/they) is half human, half hotty. He started drag professionally as a member of the Little City Kings in 2006. He sets hearts on fire throughout various locales in Northern California and Nevada. He is the Imperial Crown Prince of San Francisco 2023 and is a proud founding Father of the Haus of Hotty.

Todd believes that you have to love the many versions of yourself so that you can love others! Catch his next performances by checking out his Instagram @Todd.Hotty.

About Cotton TheAct Hotty (he/they)

Cotton TheAct Hotty (he/they) is a campy comedy drag king who knows how to carry a tune! As the founding brother of the Haus of Hotty, Cotton comes in flaming, looking to inspire others with his smoking charm. From hosting a weekly Drag Brunch for a residency at Hard Rock Casino South Lake Tahoe to producing numerous shows, he loves philanthropy and variety.

Cotton is the fabric of our lives between his touch and his feel.

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