Embracing Braggitude: Transforming Self-Promotion into Empowerment with Lisa Bragg image
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Embracing Braggitude: Transforming Self-Promotion into Empowerment with Lisa Bragg
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11 months ago

Have you ever felt the prickle of guilt when you share your achievements? Lisa Bragg, founder of MediaFace, former TV reporter/anchor, and author, joins us to challenge the stigma around bragging. With her vivid storytelling, she unfolds her journey from being a working-class kid to a successful entrepreneur and author. Lisa's insights go beyond just 'talking about your success with pride', they delve into the crucial difference between bragging and self-aggrandizement, offering a fresh perspective on self-promotion.

 Our conversation also skirts around the edges of imperfection, highlighting the importance of embracing our flaws and choosing collaboration over competition. We discover that shining a light on others can, indeed, cast a warm glow on our own path to success.

In the final act of our spirited discussion, we uncover how the concept of 'braggitude' can be a game-changer in leadership. We explore self-advocacy, the art of claiming credit without self-deprecation, and the power of gratitude. Lisa shares her experiences challenging popular opinion that bragging violates modesty norms. As she puts it, "bragging isn't about violating modesty norms, it's about creating a space for your achievements." So prepare for a paradigm shift. Buckle up, and come join us for a thought-provoking conversation that will inspire you to embrace your own 'braggitude'.






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