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S1 E8 · Supernatural on the Rocks
The Winchesters Weekly - 1x08
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1 year ago

This is 1x08 - "Hang on to Your Life." Welcome back to The Winchesters after the 6-week midseason hiatus. The show jumps back in with a fun episode immediately following the team's showdown the Akrida. Mary and John hang back to stay with Samuel Campbell as he recovers from his wounds, and to discuss their own developing relationship. Latika and Carlos head to Kansas City to investigate the death of a musician and run into an old familiar Supernatural face - Loki, the Trickster (Richard Speight Jr). But he's not the only legacy Supernatural character we run into in this episode as Mary and John begin to unravel a new mystery surrounding the man who set John on the path of the family business.

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