Defying Limitations: An Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Purpose with Dr. Esther Zeledon image
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Defying Limitations: An Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Purpose with Dr. Esther Zeledon
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9 months ago

What does it take to turn a life of adversity into a beacon of resilience and purpose?

Get ready to be inspired by my guest, Dr. Esther Zeledon, an international  diplomat, scientist, life coach, and author, whose extraordinary journey began with a prophecy of death and a civil war backdrop, but ultimately led to a life that defies limits. Born in Nicaragua and given just three weeks to live, Esther embodies the power of resilience and the spirit of a dreamer undeterred by the odds.

As our conversation unfolds, we journey with Esther from her days as a high achiever battling systemic barriers, to a new path fueled by the discovery of her purpose. Esther generously shares her perspectives on aligning our lives with our true calling, and how this can usher in an era of limitless potential. In her view, understanding our purpose is a conduit to living authentically, and Esther provides insights into creating a roadmap to achieving our goals, celebrating our victories, both big and small, and maintaining momentum despite life's inevitable setbacks.

We land the conversation as we delve into the unique challenges faced by high achievers, including the heartache of loneliness, the fear of being vulnerable, overthinking decisions, and the weight of societal pressure. Esther offers us a glimpse into her book "Creating Your Limitless Life," illustrating how it can help others find their purpose. Our conversation goes on to examine the struggles specific to high achievers and how to overcome them. Whether you're at the beginning of your journey or somewhere in the middle, this episode will inspire you to evoke greatness in your own life.




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