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S1 E10 · Green New Perspective
Hemp-Based Materials: Challenging the Norms of Construction
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Welcome back to The Green New Perspective! Today, we're thrilled to be joined by Jonnie Pedersen, a forward-thinking expert in the world of sustainable building materials. Jonnie is the Growth Operations Specialist at Hempitecture, a company that uses industrial hemp to create sustainable building products that are better for the environment and for people.



🌱 Hemp-based materials have the potential to create sustainable building products that are better for the environment and for people.

🏗️ The building industry is facing challenges such as supply chain demands and the push to make new buildings Net Zero by 2030, highlighting the need for innovative solutions like hemp-based materials.

🌍 Energy efficiency measures, including the use of insulation, can contribute to achieving more than 40% of energy-related emission cuts needed to reach climate goals by 2040.

🌱 Industrial hemp is a regenerative crop that can be grown and harvested in just 90 days, making it a sustainable and efficient material for construction.

🌍 The concept of "Cradle to Gradle" emphasizes the importance of considering the entire lifecycle of materials, including their origin and disposal.

💚 The use of renewable energy resources, such as solar, hydro, and wind, in the manufacturing process of hemp-based materials contributes to a better planet and a better world for people.

🌱 Hemp-based materials faced initial skepticism and disbelief, but the legalization of hemp grow materials in the US in 2018 has opened up new possibilities for sustainable construction.

🌱 Partnerships with research institutions like the University of Idaho and the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Lab allow for rigorous testing of hemp-based materials' performance and carbon impact, ensuring their quality and sustainability.



➜ 00:07 Hempitecture uses industrial hemp to create sustainable building products.

➜ 03:18 Energy efficiency is crucial for reducing emissions and achieving climate goals.

➜ 06:58 Hemp is a regenerative crop with multiple uses

➜ 10:10 Using industrial hemp as a building material is carbon negative

➜ 13:06 Hemp has the potential for various uses beyond just CBDs and THCs.

➜ 16:18 Building industry slow to adopt sustainable materials

➜ 19:08 Hemp wool is a scalable and accessible option for construction

➜ 22:01 Hope for a sustainable future with circular and reusable materials



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