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Contents May Vary - The Cauliflower Club
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5 years ago

This is part of a new series of episodes that will be me playing around with audio. These episodes will be produced on no particular deadline - just when I have the time and energy. They also will be published on my feed at times that don't compete with the (somewhat) regular schedule of G33K Out. And, so you can skip them if you want, they will all start with the title "Contents May Vary". 

First up: friend of the podcast Angelique Jurd writes male/male romance, and last year had released a fun short story for free. Knowing I wanted to delve into playing around with audio, I asked if she would be open to me attempting to do an audio version of the story. She agreed. 

Here's the story description:  Jay tells himself that he doesn't mind spending Valentine's Day alone. Again. His friends, however, have different plans and insist on setting him up on a blind date at a gay vegan cooking class. Jay agrees on the condition that if he goes, they'll leave him alone in the future. He doesn't count on the blind date being tall, gorgeous, and very nice. In fact Aaron may be just what Jay needs.