Episode 45: Geek Girls Part 3 - Grace (aka Cerberusia) image
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Episode 45: Geek Girls Part 3 - Grace (aka Cerberusia)
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4 years ago

This is the third episode in my ongoing series where I interview women in the geek community about what their experiences were like, and their history as a fangirl.

Cerberusia is one of the women I had originally interviewed back in 2014, when I was visiting London. I had been working on an article on fan fiction for the company I was interning at, and had reached out to Tumblr to find people outside of my fandom areas to quote. Since she was based in the UK (Oxford, to be precise), I asked if she would be interested in a further interview.

Obviously, time has passed since that interview, and so when I decided to get back to doing these, we agreed to redo the interview. We have a great discussion about what it means to be a geek, how she fangirls, and the future of geek culture.

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