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The Impact and Benefits of Biophilia in the Workplace
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As people become more aware of the current issues in architecture associated with human healthcare, the adaptation of the biophilic design concept is on an influential run.

The biophilia hypothesis claims that humans have an innate affinity towards nature and that their connection is beneficial. Learn more on how the integration of greenery, light, water and all sorts of natural elements in interiors positively affects people’s perception of space and the time spent on it.

Benefits of Biophilic Design in the Workplace


💼 Incorporating biophilic design principles into our workplaces can have positive impacts on our health and well-being.

🌿 Biophilia focuses on respecting both nature and people, creating spaces that incorporate literal nature and support health and well-being.

💡 Wellness is not just about surviving, but thriving on a daily basis by practicing healthy habits that encompass social connectedness, exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness.

🌿 The presence of environmental features such as greenery, natural materials, and views can greatly enhance the workplace environment.

🏢 The application of biophilic design in commercial offices has been scientifically proven to have positive impacts on employees.

💼 Implementing biophilic design in workplaces can lead to higher productivity and reduced absenteeism.

😊 Restorative environments in the workplace, created through biophilic design, can improve mood, motivation, and productivity, making employees more willing to come to work.

🌿 Bringing nature into the workplace, such as incorporating views and vistas, can positively impact employee wellness and productivity.

Importance of Nature in the Built Environment


🏢 Biophilic design goes beyond sustainability and green practices, emphasizing the need to create meaningful and beneficial connections between humans and nature in the built environment.

🌍 Biophilia can be applied to any scale and task in architecture, offering endless possibilities for creating nature-inspired spaces.

🌿 Biophilic design focuses on sustainability, biodiversity, health, and well-being, showing that it can have economic benefits as well as human benefits.

😱 The lack of natural light in workspaces can have a severe impact on well-being and productivity.



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