Sparking Courage and Resilience: A Conversation with Rachel Druckenmiller, Founder of Unmuted image
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Sparking Courage and Resilience: A Conversation with Rachel Druckenmiller, Founder of Unmuted
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8 months ago

Lean in as we explore the depths of individual authenticity, resilience, and setting boundaries in our compelling conversation with Rachel Druckenmiller, founder of Unmuted. We share Rachel's captivating journey from silencing her own voice to singing courageously and authentically. She delves into the trials she faced during her childhood, shaping her into the "good kid" who was fixated on perfection and acceptance. Yet, as she expanded her own understanding of success, she found her voice and embraced her true self-expression through singing, transforming it into her life’s work.

The episode also shines a light on the concepts of resilience and curiosity as potent forces in professional growth. Rachel discloses how she leveraged these traits to fuel her journey, asserting the importance of accepting our emotions and practicing self-kindness in adversity. We navigate the concept of finding rest and joy in everyday moments, not just in sleep, but in nature, tranquil company, and capturing moments of joy. Each of these elements contributes to a nourishing environment that fosters growth and positivity.

In our deep dive with Rachel, she underscores the significance of self-advocacy and setting boundaries for our well-being. She relays her own experience of transforming her job role and the profound impact it had on her life. We also examine the inevitability of changing relationships as we evolve, and the importance of maintaining compassion for ourselves during these times. These discussions come full circle as we look at the power of maintaining healthy routines and boundaries, and the role they play in building resilience. Rachel caps off the conversation by offering unique insights into her use of mouth tape and how it has enhanced her sleep and protected her voice. If you're seeking an empowering discourse on authenticity, resilience, and self-care, this episode is sure to resonate. Tune in to gain new perspectives and tools to navigate your own journey.








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